Suitcase Delivery! [Part 4] - PornWorld

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Here at House of Taboo we like to throw in a few surprises now and again. Last time you saw Nataly and Bruno, I'm sure you thought it was the end of the game, but not quite! Back again with a quick shocker as the old man decides to take a piss on Ms. Von, literally! In specifically, right on her bald twat.The cutie is ball gagged and has one leg pulled up by a harness allowing Bruno to aim his stream perfectly on top of the golden liquid catcher. He drizzles some on her black shoes, thighs, and tummy as well. Drains himself to the last drip then takes the ball gag out of her mouth and pops his dick in there instead for a good cleaning. Nataly lays in a pool of urine with a smile on her face at the end. That's one Taboo honey without a doubt!