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Last we left our two kitchen nymphos Aneta J. and Alyssa Loop, some body was gettin that ass peppered up and spanked well! That somebody would be Alyssa, and now she's being tied to the burner. The sinister look in Aneta's eyes spells trouble for our raven haired cutie. Let's see what unfolds!First Aneta rips her pretty white top off and exposes Alyssa's juicy tetas and she bite sand clamps her nipples down real well. The sexpot cringes in pain but soon calms down until her skirt gets ripped off, revealing that she wasn't wearing underwear!! Easy access for Aneta who quickly shoves a few digits in her nicely trimmed tantalizer then pinches the lips closed so she can pepper that up too! Soon after Alyssa is grabbed by her pigtails and starts munching down on the vixens winged pussy! Thought that was it? Think again! The set continues! Definitely a few wanks worth if your into this sort of thing. Enjoy!