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Tarra White is here to tantalize us with her long legs! When we first come upon her she’s reading a book and relaxing on a couch, wearing a black micromini skirt, a red fishnet top, and black stiletto peep toe pumps that show off her toe cleavage quite nicely. Tarra stands on her tiptoes in the shoes, flashing us her nude heels, then she sucks on the stilettos a little before getting back on the couch and teasing us with her bare size 7.5 feet. Tarra curls and clenches and rubs her peds together, splaying the toes widely and then entangling them in her hot pink panties. She twists and pulls on the panties with her strong feet, while spreading her pussy lips and looking at us with seductive eyes.Tarra stretches out on the couch and lifts her ass at us, inviting us to worship it, but then she sticks her feet close to our faces so we can adore her soles as well. In some of the shots Tarra’s gams look so long, like a road to paradise!! She lifts her ankles up to her head and arches her feet while letting us stare at her pussy and rosebud, and then after making sure that we’ve seen as much as possible to spray out a few loads, she goes back to reading her book. Thanks for the tease break, Tarra!!