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Give a creamy welcome to newcomer Ruth Medina, a sexy Venezuelan who really has a pair of pins to pop over! Posing for us her in bra, panties, strappy shoes and colorful ankle socks, Ruth captures the imagination and stimulates the loads with her incredibly shapely stems and that oh-so-marvelous butt!! Here is a bottom which it would be worth taking one’s time to reach! Starting at Ruth’s shoes, wouldn’t it be great to slowly kiss your way up her calves, over her thighs, until you could stick your nose right into the sweet crack of her fanny??Denys DeFrancesco and his camera crews get right down on the floor to shoot upwards and capture those exciting angles that put us right in the worship mode, gazing up at this lusty Latina goddess as she poses her posterior this way and that before finally peeling down her panties and showing us her pussy and asshole. We get to study her bright pink inner goodness, and then Ruth takes off her shoes and socks, sniffs them both, and finally lets us feast our fantasies on her long tantalizing toes. You’ll feel you’re right there on the carpet in front of her, ready to serve her every whim as a leg queen deserves! So don’t miss Ruth’s debut!