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The inventively tattooed Paige from Great Britain returns to our site for a solo! This time Paige wears a fluttery chemise and matching peep toe pumps. She shows us the amazing tattoo on her left thigh of a Derringer in a garter, then displays the rest of her legs completely, or “good and proper” as the British would say. Sitting in the chair, she poses her gams to their best shapely advantage with her chemise puddled on the floor at her shoes, and then she dangles her left shoe in front of us in one of the set’s best sequences. Her toe-cleavage looks most tempting in the vamp of the pump as she slides the shoe to the edge of her feet. Paige reveals her pink pussy, parting her lips with her red fingernails, then she lifts her feet and licks her own toes. She stands up and peels down her thong and stands on her tiptoes as she turns around and displays her well-inked body and her well-spread cheeks. Taking a glass bottle-stopper from the table, she stuffs it into her asshole while shoving her toes in our faces so we’ll worship her feet while she explodes from her self-administered anal exploration! Then she holds the stopper in her toes toward us, as if expecting us to clean it off after all the quality time it spent in her butt!!!