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Welcome back to House of Taboo's "Tattooed for torture!" set as we unveil part 4 in this erotic tale of bondage, spanking and everything in between. We should nickname Tiffany and Tigerr simply TNT, because these rock star chicks are dyno-mite! The girls really gave it to each other in the last few sets and here that take it up another notch! Watch as Tigerr gets her pretty little mouth drenched by some golden rain as Tiffany pisses right on her face!We got some nice close ups of Tiffs hood flappin while a ferocious stream comes out to find it's mark on Tigerr's kisser! Looks like she got a c good cup full at least, then sucks her twat to make sure she got the last drop! Her beautiful cannon ball titties and punani soaked from the liquid she missed. Tiffany closes out by giving her a nice french kiss and letting her know how much she dug pissin in her mouth! What a show, bravo!