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Can you imagine working on a construction site with a hottie like Nicole Smith? It sure would be hard to concentrate if she walked around in such a teeny blue denim skirt and let all the crew get glimpses of her panties. It would be “harder” still if she turned out to be a total slut who was just using the job as a way to fulfill her fantasies of stripping and spreading for a group of strong, sweaty guys! Flashing her titties through her wifebeater t-shirt, teasing with her pussy through the teeny crotch of her thong, she would make sure no work got done on the site that day as she drove everybody around her nuts with the bold sight of her naked asshole and ready snatch! And isn’t there something amazing about the way a pair of heavy work boots on a chick can look as sexy as sleek high heels? We think Nicole would be a welcome addition to any crew up on the high iron--whether for working, teasing, or BOTH!!