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Either Halloween is coming early here at DDF or we just inherited a smoking hot She-Devil! Wait till you get a load of this scorching set by Angelica Heart in her latex tape outfit that barely covers anything, just the way we like it! Everything about her exudes eroticism, and she really takes it to the next level with her shiny red buttplug devil tail!From her stunning blue peepers to her long silken crimson red lochs, she is a human ball buster in the best way. Getting ultra kinky in this scene though! Her buttplug is good and tight inside her sphincter and she pulls out a super massaging vibrator and tickles her taut, trimmed, tanned puss until she needs to piss! Yep, even the devil needs to take a leak every once and awhile! She even has her own bed pan where X marks the spot! When a devil is blinded with lust the butthole tail guides her to her little tray, but unfortunately sometimes the tail gets tinkled on. Well Ms. Angelica, no worries there, I'm sure you have plenty of volunteers to lick both that tail and your cooter nice and clean! Dirty little devil, somebody needs to stick her with their poker. Me, me, me, me!