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Another chained up and ball gagged beauty for your carnal desires brought to you by House of Taboo! Today's sinister set features the lovely yellow haired dame Zorah White. She's been a regular here at the House and just loves getting herself in precarious bondage and fetish filled situations. An ominous green glow emanates from the window near her head and her sexy naked body is fully chained as she squirms about on the bed in the mysterious room!A spotlight shines straight onto her glistening, wet twat, and her perky mounds of boob flesh are chained up on their circumference, leaving perfect room for fondling, pinching, and whatever else may occur. At a closer glance we see an emerald colored, bizarre looking dildo deep inside that throbbing veegee of hers. Could that be why she's squirming? Perhaps it's just deep enough to tickle her fancy and that's driving her bananas. Suddenly the babe is on her stomach, exposing that juicy round ass, Mr. dildo having his way with her from the rear. It's almost like a jolly green giant detached his penis and decided that her pulsating pussy was it's now holster when not in use. Guess he must have come in and decided her asshole would be a more secure spot for it though, as that's it's new home now! Some DDf close ups really show that it indeed is a much snugger spot for the green beast! At the end, Zorah stares at the camera speechless, could the giant have revealed himself?