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Everybody’s heard about the seven voyages of the legendary hero Sinbad...you know, where our hero fights two-headed birds and a Cyclops and skeleton warriors...these voyages were made into a very famous 1950s Hollywood movie. But do you know about The SEXUAL Voyages of Sinbad, which take place after he settles down? His sexual voyages consist of walking from bedroom to bedroom in his palace, satisfying his desires with his hand-picked harem! Here's the full picture: Having accrued great riches on his journeys, Sinbad can now afford to keep a gigantic harem, and these are three of his top hotties: blonde Lana, lusty Madlin in the jeweled headband, and mischievous Denise in the gold headband. At first, Sinbad thought he would be bored by staying home and not having adventures, but his harem gals prove him wrong! An exciting afternoon in his palace starts with being served grapes by Denise and Lana, while Madlin performs a sultry dance. Naturally such stimulating entertainment leads to a hard-on for Sinbad, which Denise and Lana immediately attend to, each taking their turns sucking it. Madlin soon joins the party and licks Sinbad’s balls and tugs on his sac while Lana sits on his face and Denise takes his tool in her twat. Madlin licks at Denise’s rosebud while Denise kisses Lana. Things get more furiously horny as Madlin samples some of that Sinbadian meat in her mouth, but when Denise wants to put that schlong into her box, Madlin shifts to sucking Denise’s titties. Of course, being a hardy warrior type, Sinbad isn’t content to just lay back while the ladies do all the work! Soon he’s on his knees banging Lana doggie style while Denise licks his balls. Madlin keeps busy with Denise’s snatch in her mouth, until Denise is placed down on Sinbad’s prick for riding. The other two girls worship her ass cheeks while she goes “cowgirl” on Sinbad’s prick--although, come to think of it, “cowgirls” had not even been invented yet, much less "cowgirl style," as America had yet to be discovered at the time of Sinbad! Anyway....rest assured that although he is not fighting giant monsters anymore, our man Sinbad is still adventurous, cramming Madlin’s asshole while Lana licks her clit, until Denise starts sucking his dick when it pops out into the air for a breather from that tight, dark harem girl bungie. Finally our conquering sailor man unloads his heavy cargo of sperm all over the mouths of his attentive concubines!