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This time Leanne Crow is a kinky nurse in a medical clinic, showing off her body in a black-and-red uniform that displays her figure terrifically. We’d like to know what kind of clinic this is, because instead of curing patients it looks like Leanne’s busty beauty is there to INSPIRE heart attacks!! We get lots of cleavage teasing as Leanne presses her tits together in the uniform before unzipping the front and revealing her matching black-and-red bra. She poses for awhile in her lingerie before peeling down her bra straps and finally letting us see her enormous 34H globes. Our DDF cameras get down on the floor and shoot up so we get fantastic shots of the Crow Mountains from below.Really, this clinic presents the ultimate in visual therapy as Leanne sits in a chair and squeezes her bells together, stands up and kneels and presses her tits with her forearms, and grabs handfuls of her hooters with her fingers and fists. As usual, Leanne conceals her pussy, which has become sort of her trademark. You’d think that perhaps the human anatomical chart with a skeleton on the clinic wall might remind her that time flies for all men, and that we’d like to see her naked pussy before we’re too old and feeble to appreciate it; but then again, maybe NOT showing her coochie is part of her Master Tease Plan to get us concentrating on her cantaloupes, even though her muffin modesty certainly makes us continuously aware of that elusive snatch--probably even more than if we could actually see it. Still, in this world of ours, a babe with bazooms like Leanne’s can make her own rules, and all we horny breastaholics can do is abide by them!! AND SQUIRT, SQUIRT, SQUIRT ALL OVER HER BOOBS!!!