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Kathia Nobili and Lana meet in a kitchen to have some fun with their feet. Kathia is sitting around in her flip-flops enjoying some yogurt when Lana shows up in her short-shorts and canvas shoes. Soon Kathia is dripping yogurt on Lana’s bare thigh, which creates a big mess but leads to some tasty leg worship. After Kathia takes off Lana’s shoes, Lana demonstrates how nimble she is by picking up the spoon with her toes and feeding Lana some yogurt. But it’s far more fun for Kathia to drip yogurt on Lana’s feet and lick the mess off her red polished toes. We gotta hand it to Kathia--she really crams her friend’s feet in her mouth to get at every last drop of the pink goo. The cameras of Denys DeFrancesco and his crews come in close to capture her tongue working its way between each sticky digit. You’ll start to imagine that Lana’s feet are covered by another sticky substance entirely!Lana shows how much she likes to lick up a mess from her own feet, while rubbing her toes over Kathia’s tits at the same time. Then Kathia stands up and worships both of Lana’s feet while Lana lays back on the counter. Lana’s shorts come off and Kathia laps at her friend’s snatch--but after anointing it with a little yogurt, of course! The girls lean against the counter and we can enjoy the sight of all of their feet, both the soles and the toes. Kathia presses against Lana’s nude tits with her flip-flops, and then we get a great shot of Lana’s bare curling soles in the foreground as she worships Kathia’s feet in the background. Following this, the girls are determined to get to the bottom of that container of yogurt, so Kathia stretches out on the counter and Lana drips the cream over her right foot for licking, while Kathia sticks her left foot toward the camera so we in the audience can imagine getting into the act too! When the gals finally get completely naked, they rub their feet and against their pussies, and Lana even gets in a little butt-licking.