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On Valentine’s Day, it looks as if Frank M. is trying to encourage newcomer Bijou to start dressing a little more in the sultry style. True, she looks perfectly cute when he comes home with some presents, but she does seem more like a school girl in her oversized glasses, white blouse, plaid skirt and white knee socks. It seems as if Frank is in the mood for something a bit more traditionally seductive for this holiday. He brings her not just a rose, but a bag full of glamour goodies.Well, Bijou takes the hint and goes into the bathroom to change into the new shoes and lingerie. We watch her transform from student into temptress as she peels off her knee socks, shows us her red-polished toes, and then slides on the black nylons, matching red-and-black bra and panties, and little leather dress. The whole thing is topped off by black peep toe pumps with red heels. With her tits pushed up in her bodice, and with no specs on her nose, Bijou indeed looks totally transformed. Can Frank handle her?? He’ll soon find out as she rubs his thick boner between her shoes and then takes it into her mouth, holding his enormous dick with both hands. Perhaps emboldened into total horniness by her delectable duds, Bijou gets on her haunches and blows Frank, then takes his rod in her pussy doggie-style standing up, and spoon-style on the couch. She thrusts her legs toward us so we can imagine crawling into the scene and worshipping her calves and feet while she’s fucked above. Bijou rides Frank’s prick, then strokes it between her nylon soles. She squats on his meat cowgirl style, meanwhile thrusting her feet at our DDF cameras, which capture the soft curves of her soles in the silky nylons. When Frank’s load sprays, it’s a big one all over her stockings...and then he helps her put the shoes back on her feet. It looks like his Valentine’s gift has changed Bijou into a temptress...and maybe Frank into her slave!!