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Sunny, that exciting Russian newcomer who first appeared here in the middle of November, returns in part 2 of her debut pictorial. She’s still in the college seminar room, dressed in her white nylon knee sox and mary jane shoes, but now she’s otherwise nude and ready to pleasure herself after the long boring lecture by some stuffy professor! Since a dildo isn’t handy, Sunny relies on two marker pens to fill her mouth and pussy. She rubs her nipples with the pens, licks them for lubrication, and then sticks one of them into her shaved veegee. Kicking up her leg with all the exuberance of the innocent and uninhibited, she pleasures herself with the pens in all possible naughty positions--on her knees, on her back, and squatting down. Kneeling on the desk, she looms over us with her sensational butt while the pink pen sticks out of her pussy. Then, laying on her tummy, she lets us come real close, as if to invite us one-by-one to take the pen in our mouths and use it to fuck her as if with a face-dildo! Hmm, judging by the mischievous look in her eyes, we don’t think Sunny is really as innocent as she seems!!