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Site favorite Black Angelica is back in fire engine red latex leggings, halter top, and high heels. And she’s sporting a big black vibrator on her belt too! We also like the “Bitch” logo on her halter, with a high-heeled shoe taking the place of the final “h” in the word.“She is so beautiful. I luv pleasuring myself to Black Angelica’s pic and vids,” says member “forskin” in the instant fan feedback section of our site. Well, forskin, you’re going to have a LOT of fun with the new appearance of this Romanian hottie, as we all are! The red latex superbly showcases her figure, and her haughty expressions as she looks down at us only add to the excitement captured by Denys DeFrancesco and his camera crews. Here truly is a fetish queen who deserves to be served, no questions asked! Angelica tempts, teases, and tortures us with closeups of her amazing size 6 toes, polished a bright red to match her garb. Then she unzips the crotch of her leggings and tantalizes us with her shaved pussy--but it’s strictly “Look, but don’t touch, you bad little slaves!!” as she raises her eyebrow at us and then starts sucking on her monster black dildo. All we can do is open our pants and tug our weenies as this wild beauty shows us her ass crack through her leggings, bares her big hot tits, and then fucks herself in her hungry “goddess hole” with the toy while staring down at us through her dark eyelashes and putting us in our place as adoring acolytes who will stroke and squirt while she fulfills her needs with that throbbing toy!