My Number One Priority - WICKED

Channel: WICKED

Emma Starletto is reading magazines in her bedroom when her bodyguard, Codey Steele, enters to let her know the last perimeter check of the day has been completed. She grows frustrated- she knows Codey's job is to keep her safe, but does he have to check up on her every five minutes? With her parents having been targeted by dangerous people, Emma has been house-bound for her own protection. She doesn't mean to take her annoyance out on Codey- he's just doing his job- but she can't help but feel unbearably restless due to this monotonous confinement. Wanting a change of pace, Emma goes to the kitchen to make some tea. Codey follows her diligently, keeping a watchful eye on their surroundings. Emma has trouble lighting the burner, so she asks Codey for help. Their hands graze as he tests the stovetop and their eyes meet for a moment. Emma then reaches up to a top shelf for her favorite mug, and is pleasantly surprised when Codey reaches up to help her, his front pressing against her back ever so gently. She thanks him flirtily, though Codey tries to remain professional. When Emma accidentally drops a tea bag on the floor, they both bend down at the same time to pick it up, their lips coming dangerously close to touching. When Emma notices that Codey has water on his suit, she goes to wipe it off for him. Their bodies are pressed together, but Emma doesn't pull away. She rubs his lapels down and fixes his earpiece, enjoying the feel of his muscular body. She tells him that she's noticed him staring at her and that, in fact, she's been eyeing him too. Why don't they cast their reservations aside and have a little fun together? Codey is tempted but resists his urges- Emma's safety is his number one priority, and he can't put himself in a position that will compromise that. Not to mention that it might cost him his job and reputation if things go south. But Emma is persistent, promising him that whatever happens can stay between them. Codey gives in, and they have passionate sex in the kitchen, living out all their forbidden fantasies that have been building up over the past weeks.