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Hello lovers! Are you ready to have your sweet tooth satisfied today? I know I am. My girlfriend Dorina is visiting me today and we both have a Major love for chocolate which we enjoy combining with our sexual sessions. It's the perfect aphrodisiac!Watch me as I go to town on Dorina's super fit, beach bunny body. I just love sucking her perky nipples and snacking on her Shaved pussy while she returns the favor in 69. Once were all warmed up we have a ritual of letting the chocolates melt on our hot skin and licking it off. Mmmmm, her pussy tastes like honey already, so with the addition of the sweets it's a major treat! Once were really wilded up, the glass phallic shaped didos come out and we take the stuffings to complete orgasm. Now you know, chocolate is a girl's best friend, especially when combined with sex!